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CDs by Paul Dooley

The Harper's Fancy

Paul Dooley
The Harper's Fancy
Self-published, PDCD003, 2010
A new selection of traditional Irish music including dance tunes and Carolan.
£13 +

Rip the Calico

Paul Dooley
Rip the Calico CD
Self-published, PDCD001, 1996
The Gaelic harp from an Irish Traditional music point of view. The tunes include jigs, reels and slow airs picked up at sessions, two Carolan tunes and some of Paul's own compositions. The playing is fast as befits a session musician. Originally released on cassette, 1990.
Out of print - no longer available new.
Oct 2013, one only secondhand £13
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Music from the Robert ap Huw Manuscript

Paul Dooley
Music from the Robert ap Huw Manuscript
Self-published, PDCD002, 2004
Paul Dooley's second solo record consists entirely of six pieces from the 17th century Welsh mauscript of Robert ap Huw. He plays them on a wire-strung harp he built himself, based on the medieval Trinity College harp. The extensive notes make explicit the link between the formal "cerdd dant" music of medieval Wales and its legendary Irish origins, and daringly but temptingly suggest that by interpreting the material on the early Irish harp, Paul is recreating the Irish music heard and described by Giraldus Cambrensis in the 12th Century. For comparison, the medieval repertory preserved in the manuscript can be heard played on medieval Welsh instruments, on recordings by Bragod (crwth and voice) and Bill Taylor (bray harp). I especially enjoyed Paul's Gosteg Dafydd Athro which retained interest over its almost 10 minute length; but I wondered if some of his other tracks became slightly wandering. This CD would be a good addition to any collection of Gaelic harp or Robert ap Huw recordings.
Out of Print - no longer available