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Vicente La Camera Mariño
The Toutching of the String
CD, 2014
Vicente is from the Canary Islands, and in this CD he turns his attention to the music of Renaissance and baroque Scotland and Ireland. He plays a replica of the Trinity College harp by William MacDonald, as well as a big bray harp by Ardival with the brays turned off, to contrast the sound world the more continental and more native strands of the repertory. These contrasts are also nicely brought out with different approaches to arrangement and harmonisation - Vicente’s very spare ocatve harmonies give a wonderfully ancient sonority to some of the native pieces.
Vicente has studied with Javier Sainz and the similarity of approach seen in Sainz’s Silva Caledonia is clear, but Vicente takes this idea in a slightly different and more distinctive way. The CD is very nicely played all the way through.
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