Simon Chadwick's
Early Gaelic Harp Emporium

Data sheets, booklets and plans

FREE blank music manuscript paper to download and print out.
With bass and treble clefs (PDF)
Without clefs - write your own in! (PDF)
Specially arranged bass and treble clef, spaced exactly one line apart to help you write a single line ranging over both clefs.


String charts
For Trinity College or Queen Mary harp replicas, I am now recommending a 2-metal set up, in brass & silver, with the sisters at middle c'. You can download free my new Trinity stringchart (PDF).
My string charts for the HHSI Student harps (Castle Otway, Downhill, Mullaghmast, and Lamont) are available for download via the Members Area of the HHSI website.
If your harp is not one of the above models, or if it differs significntly from the measurements in these charts, I can make an analysis of your string lengths and set out a recommended stringing and tuning regime for your harp. The cost is £20 for one analysis and string chart. Please send me a complete list of string lengths, from pin to shoe, measured in centimeters.
You can order the wire for your harp on my wire page


FREE technical drawings. I have prepared these templates for a basic "student" version of the Queen Mary harp. Click here for more information and downloads.