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The Irish and Highland Harps

Robert Bruce Armstrong
The Irish and The Highland Harps
David Douglas, Edinburgh, 1904
Amazingly, given its age, this book is still by far the best technical study of the extant historical Gaelic harps. RBA travelled round measuring and photographing almost all of the surviving instruments. He also researched much history, lore and anecdote surrounding the instruments. He also produced all of the superb photographs and engravings for the book himself, even down to the decorative gilding on the cover.
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Online facsimile available as a free PDF download from archive.org: The Irish and Highland Harps
Also available is the companion volume, covering Egan portable harps, lyre-guitars and other late 18th and early 19th century confections: The English and Irish Instruments

The Irish and Highland Harps

a Facsimile reprint was published in 1969 by Irish University Press, Dublin, and Praeger, New York.
Praeger hardback without dust jacket. Good condition. Printed on laid paper, with photo and line plates on glossy art paper. Some plates tinted with cream and ochre. Some plates fold-out. £150 contact me for postage & availability.

Armstrong’s personal papers
Scholars interested in Armstrong's work have long been interested in the whereabouts of the drafts and papers used in preparing this great work. Keith Sanger and Mike Billinge have recently make a online catalogue of the letters and other papers preserved with RBA's own copy of the printed book at the Royal Irish Academy.