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Sheet music by Abbie Betinis

Aililiú, ó Íosa

Abbie Betinis
An Caoineadh, from Aililiú, ó Íosa
Abbie Betinis, 2005

Sheet music score for a new composition, scored for voices (soprano solo, SSA trio and TB chorus), vielle and Gaelic harp. This, An Caoineadh, is the first only of three movements, and is a modern musical setting of a traditional Irish keen. The three movements were comissioned from the composer by the Rose Ensemble, as part of a modern staging of the Dublin mystery play. Premiered at Easter 2005 in Minnesota, Ann Heymann played the Gaelic harp part. A recording of part of it can be found online at Abbie Betini's web site. An interesting new composition for early Gaelic harp. 10 pages, 7 of music and 2 of programme notes and texts.
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