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Tree of Strings

Keith Sanger & Alison Kinnaird
Tree of Strings (Crann nan Teud)
Kinmor Music, Scotland, 1992
An excellent history of harps in Scotland from earliest times right up to the modern revival. It covers all areas including repertory, mythology, harp morphology and social context, using much detail taken from unpublished historical documents. It also gives useful facsimiles of some tunes from otherwise unpublished manuscripts.
£15 +


Alison Kinnaird
Kinmor Music, Scotland
A book & DVD by Scottish harper & glass artist Alison Kinnaird. Those of you who are fans of her playing on early Gaelic harp, as heard on her CD The Silver String, will be interested to get this new book, which is the other way around: focussing on her glass artwork, with a little harp music on the included DVD. The book presents full-page photographs of a range of her works, from early to recent, and from grand public commissions to small intimate items. A feast for the eyes!
£12 +