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Early Scottish Airs

Early Scottish Airs
Marsharp, 2012
This book presents 23 tunes, gathered into 8 sets. 4 of the sets are East coast lowland Scots tunes from the 17th century lute manuscripts; two sets are lowland Scots tunes from 18th century manuscripts and prints; and one set is Perthshire Gaelic song airs from Patrick MacDonald. All of the tunes are arranged and fully marked up with fingering and damping marks in Bill Taylor's characteristic playing style. The music is all neatly set on the treble clef only, and is very nicely typeset by Karen Marshalsay to her usual high standards. A nice book presenting some pretty repertory.
£15 +

Bill Taylor: Sources

Bill Taylor
Sources for Fingernail Harp Technique from Wales and Ireland
Wire Branch of the Clarsach Society, 2003
This slim booklet presents Bill's practical interpretations of the lists of fingernail techniques given in the Robert ap Huw manuscript and in Bunting's 1840 publication.

Out of print - 2nd edition (2012) available as a free PDF download from the Wire Branch of the Clarsach Society.