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A Performer's Guide to Medieval Music

Ross W. Duffin (ed)
A Performer's Guide to Medieval Music
Indiana University Press, 2000
The essay by Benjamin Bagby, "Imagining the medieval harp", is essential reading for all early harp players (perhaps all early musicians?) and it is worth buying this book just to acquire and read Bagby's 9 pages. However you also get a whole series of essays by different (mostly American) scholars and musicians on all aspects of medieval performance. The book is great for allowing you access to quite technical discussion of very different subjects - from tuning to Iberian monophy, via bagpipe and musica ficta, but the quality seems variable: in the rest of the section on "Harp", Herbert W. Myers repeats the old canard that "sharpened fingernails" are for wire, and "the fleshy part of the finger" for gut; while Cheryl Ann Fulton asserts that the Robert ap Huw manuscript is "outside the scope" of her chapter "Playing the Late-Medieval harp". I was disappointed that there is nothing on the theoretical or "speculative" side of medieval music, but that is to be expected in a book that is part of a series of "Performers Guides".

This book is available by special order only. If you would like me to get a copy for you please contact me.