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Scottish Fiddle Music

David Johnson
Scottish Fiddle Music of the 18th Century
John Donald, Edinburgh, 1984
Some of the most interesting Gaelic harp tunes survive in 18th century Scottish fiddle manuscripts and printed books. This book is an excellent history and analysis of the violin in Scotland and it's music, and includes 90 tunes including some pieces possibly from the old Gaelic harp repertory such as the Lament for the Earl of Wigton and Lament for the Bishop of Argyll. This is a new edition published by Mercat Press.
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David Johnson
Music and Society in Lowland Scotland in the Eighteenth Century
This is the 2003 paperback reprint. Signed and dated by the author. This was a pioneering study of Scottish baroque music for violin and chamber ensemble, and the Edinburgh concert scene. Some of its information is now out of date (there is a nice roundup of subsequent scholarship and new discoveries in the 2003 introduction). A good introduction to the general subject, especially the music of the Earl of Kelly.
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