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Johnson & Boswell

Johnson & Boswell
A Tour to the Hebrides
Oxford University Press
The English writer Samuel Johnston, accompanied by his friend and biographer James Boswell, toured Scotland in 1773. Each of them wrote a book about the tour, and this volume beings together both. They went from Edinburgh as far as the inner hebrides and their accounts paint a fascinating picture of the places they saw and the people they met. Includes many unusual anecdotes including about the Ó Catháin harp tuning key.

I usually have in stock copies of R.W. Chapman’s 1924 edition, published by Oxford University press, and reissued in many reprints as part of the “Oxford Standard Authors” series through the 40s and 50s. Handsome dark blue hardback, with gilded spine title and fold-out map. Sometimes available with dust-jecket. £13.
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