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GSJ 2012

Karen Loomis
The Lamont and Queen Mary harps
Galpin Society Journal LXV, 2012
This issue of the GSJ, a scholarly journal of organology, includes an article co-authored by by Karen Loomis, David Caldwell, Jim Tate, Tikka Ogilvie and Edwin Van Beek. The article is the first properly scientific technical study of any of the old Gaelic harps, and is the most important new work since Armstrong’s book from 108 years earlier. The article of 16 pages plus 5 pages of colour plates, gives a general description of both these old instruments based on the CT scans (3D X-rays) and other scientific testing that has been done at the University of Edinburgh since 2008. The pictures include cross sections rendered from the CT scans, as well as very good quality photographs and 3D renderings and also contour maps of the soundboard thicknesses of both harps.

This article is essential reading for anyone interested in the old instruments and how they were made and set up.

This article is part of the 2012 issue of the Galpic Society Journal, a large-format paperback book of 244 pages. Because it is a heavy book, postage will cost more than usual.
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For more information about the two harps studied please see my pages on the Queen Mary harp and the Lamont harp.