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The Wire Strung Primer

Gael A. Kathryns
The Wire Strung Primer
Paradise Music, Edmonds, USA 1989
A slim book by the American science-fiction author Gael Baudino, this tutor uses 6 tunes (3 English, 2 Irish and one original) to teach a basic fingernail technique and damping. The style seems overly chordal to me, and since the author instructs you not to place fingers, the damping becomes quite an awkward add-on rather than forming an intrinsic part of the playing. One good point of this book is that the numerous photographs demonstrating particular techniques show the author using a left-hand-treble orientation; a couple of the bass fingerings are reminiscent of Ann Heymann's "combination technique".
Third edition (2001) published by Harps Nouveau.

This book is available by special order only. If you would like me to get a copy for you please contact me.