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Martin van Schaik

Martin van Schaik
The Harp in the Middle Ages - The Symbolism of a Musical Instrument
Rodopi, Amsterdam & New York, revised edition 2005
This dense scholarly paperback is a comprehensive and provocative analysis of the medieval harp as a symbol and an idea. Looking at textual references as well as illustrations, it emphasises that we know almost nothing about the medieval harp as a practical instrument since every medieval description or depiction of it is concerned much more with symbolism and hidden meanings than with accurately illustrating a working instrument. Essential for anyone considering making or playing a reconstruction medieval harp.
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Martin van Schaik

Martin van Schaik (ed)
Aspects of the Historical Harp: Proceedings of the International Historical Harp Symposium, Utrecht, 1992.
STIMU, Utrecht, 1994 A collection of essays, mostly in English, by international specialists on all kinds of historical harps. Includes Martin van Schaick on medieval harp bags (with colour illustrations), and Joan Rimmer on 18th century Irish harp repertory. Sold out