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String charts


As good data about the original harps is becoming available, I am making stringing charts for how I would set up an accurate replica with the correct original string lengths. For more information about pitch standards and range, see my tuning pages and my article ‘Medieval Gaelic harp setup’, in Early Music Performer, issue 40, Spring 2017.

The following string charts are available as free PDF downloads:

Trinity College harp & Queen Mary harp Nov 2017. Two harps on one chart, showing my suggested “medieval” setup with the harp tuned to c.

Lamont harp May 2018. Current state and reconstructed original state, showing my suggested “Renaissance” setup with the harp tuned to b♭.

Kildare harp May 2018.

If your harp is not one of the above models, or if it differs significantly from the measurements in these charts, I can make an analysis of your string lengths and set out a recommended stringing and tuning regime for your harp. The cost is £20 for one analysis and string chart. Please send me a complete list of string lengths, from pin to shoe, measured in centimeters.

You can order the wire for your harp on my wire page