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About: information about this website.

Ardmore: stone carving at Ardmore Cathedral, Ireland.

Arthur O’Neill: Information about this 18th century Irish harper.
   About his harp
   About his life
   further reading
   portraits of him
   About his songs
   About his tunes

Bag: about the cases or covers used for the old harps.

Books: lists of books of interest, with purchasing information where applicable.
   list of scholarly articles
   background reading
   history books
   Gaelic song books
   Editions of source books
   tutor books

Carolan: pages about the life and work of Turlough Carolan.
   about his harp
   brief biography
   further reading
   about his songs
   about his tunes

Ceòl Mór: about this genre of Gaelic art music.

Church: about ecclesiastical music.

Clàrsach na Bànrighe: Simon Chadwick’s CD.
   technical information
   sample track
   ordering information
   track listing
   press quotes

Colour: about colour-coded harp strings.

Depictions: old pictures of harps and harpers.

Dialogue on Historical Wire for Gaelic Harps: comapnion pages for Daniel Tokar & Ann Heymann’s book.
   ordering information
   Sound clips

Dolmetsch: the oldest recording of early Irish harp music, from 1937.
    The harps
    Welsh music
    Irish music

Early medieval: Depictions of harps and harpers before 1000AD in Ireland and Scotland

Emporium: online shop.
      Beginners harp plans
      Abbie Betinis
      Alison Kinnaird
      Andrew Lawrence-King
      Angels, Nobles & Unicorns
      Am Bron Binn
      Ann Heymann
      Anne Lorne Gillies
      Chris Bayer
      Derek Bell
      Bill Taylor
      A.M.S. Boethius
      John Bowie
      St. Brendan
      Seamus O Brogain
      Edward Bunting
      Charles Bunworth
      Tomas O Canainn
      James Carney
      Turlough Carolan
      Hugh Cheape
      Childrens' books
      Christine Y Delyn
      Nora Joan Clark
      Daibhi O Croinin
      Barry Cunliffe
      Cynthia Cathcart
      Harper’ Diamonds
      Daniel Dow
      Ross Duffin
      Osian Ellis
      Early Music
      Ephraim Segermann
      John Evelyn
      Finn MacCumhail
      Aloys Fleischmann
      Alan Fletcher
      Charlotte Milligan Fox
      Simon Fraser
      Vincento Galilei
      George Stevens
      Giraldus Cambrensis
      Grainne Yeats
      Elizabeth Grant
      John Gunn
      Denis O'Hampsey
      Sally Harper
      Richard Hayward
      Stirling Heids
      High crosses
      John Hines
      Historical harpsichord
      Irish Musical Studies
      Kenneth Jackson
      Simon James
      David Johnson
      Johnson and Boswell
      Gael Kathryns
      Brian Keenan
      John T Koch
      William Lawes
      Kåre A Lie
      David Logan
      Albert Lord
      Kathleen Loughnane
      Lute books
      Seamus MacNeill
      John Magee
      Karen Marshalsay
      Musica Britannica
      Malachi McCormick
      Patrick MacDonald
      Mike Parker
      John and William Neal
      New History of Ireland
      Colm O Baoill
      Eugene O'Curry
      Ogham books
      Breandan O Madagain
      Donal O'Sullivan
      James Oswald
      Owain Tudor Edwards
      Padraigin Ni Uallachain
      Pekka Toivanen
      Songbook of the Pillagers
      James Porter
      Michael Praetorius
      John Purser
      Karen Ralls
      Robert ap Huw
      Robert Bruce Armstrong
      Rosalyn Rensch
      Joan Rimmer
      Denis Rixson
      Roy Johnston
      D Roy Saer
      Martin Van Schaik
      Scottish Studies
      Scottish Life and Culture
      Derek Thompson
      Cedric Thorpe Davie
      Ulster Folklife
      Fintan Vallely
      Sebastien Virdung
      Russel Walton
      William Matheson
      Alison Kinnaird
      Andrew Lawrence-King
      Allan MacDonald
      Ann Heymann
      Barnaby Brown
      Bill Taylor
      Brendan Ring
      Bonnie Shaljean
      Cass Meurig
      Chad McAnally
      Consort music
      Contemporary music
      Cynthia Cathcart
      The Elizabethan Consort
      Grainne Yeats
      early Gaelic harp CDs
      Heloise Russell-Fergusson
      Jacqueline Lynaugh
      Javier Sainz
      Jimmy O'Brein Moran
      Jochen Vogel
      Leah Stuttard
      Lute CDs
      Mara Galassi
      Thomas Moore
      Other harp CDs
      Paul Dooley
      Piping CDs
      Rebecca Hood
      Bonnie Rideout
      Ruth Wall
      Scotland's Music
      Seoda Sean-Nos
      Siobhan Armstrong
      Gaelic song CDs
      Traditional CDs
      Vicente La Camera Mariño
      Violaine Mayor
      Welsh CDs
      William Matheson
   Credit Card and Bank payment information
      Wire Branch
   Model harps
   Prints & postcards
   Secondhand ordering information
   T shirts
   Special order ordering information
   Tuning keys
   Tubning pins

Gestures: companion pages for my Gestures book.
   Bunting 1840
   Purchasing information
   Example: Burns March
   Example: Caniad San Silin
   Example: A Chailini, an bhfaca sibh Seoirse
   My gestures
   Historical sources
   The gestures in use
   Other traditions
   Robert ap Huw ms
   Further reading

Denis O'Hampsey: about his life and work.
   his harp
   brief bio
   further reading
   about his songs
   about his tunes

Harpers: Old Irish and Scottish harp players.
   Full list

Harpmakers: list of old Irish and Scottish harp makers.

Harps: List of old harps.
   Picture of Arthur O'Neill
   Augsburg harp
   Ballinderry fragments
   Barberini harp
   Bologna 2 harp
   Bologna 3 harp
   Boston harp
   Bunworth harp
      Bunworth decoration
      Bunworth history
      Bunworth inscription
   Celtic harps
   Picture of Charles Byrne
   Clonalis harp
   Cloyne fragments
      Cloyne damage
      Cloyne dating
      Cloyne decoration
      Cloyne inscription
      Cloyne replica
      Cloyne tuning
   David Evans harp
   Picture of Denis O'Hampsey
   Downhill harp
      Downhill damage
      Downhill dating
      Downhill decoration
      Downhill inscription
      Downhill provenance
      Downhill tuning
   Eisenach harp
   Estense harp
   Foreign harps
   German harps
   Gothic harps
   Hofburg harp
   Hollybrook harp
   Italian harps
   Kaiser harp
   Kildare harp
      Kildare damage
      Kildare decoration
      Kildare provenance
      Kildare inscription
      Kildare dating
   Lamont harp
      Lamont damage
      Lamont dating
      Lamont inscription
      Lamont tuning
   Leipzig harp
   Malahide 1 harp
   Malahide 2 harp
      Mullaghmast harp history
   Mullaghmast harp
   NMM harp
   Nuremberg harp
   O'Ffogarty harp
   O'Neill harp
   Other harps
   Otway harp
      Otway damage
      Otway dating
      Otway decoration
      Otway inscription
      Otway provenance
   Picture of Patrick Quin
   Queen Mary harp
      Queen Mary damage
      Queen Mary decoration
        Queen Mary soundbox decoration
        Queen Mary neck decoration
        Queen Mary forepillardecoration
      Queen Mary history
      Queen Mary inscriptions
      Queen Mary music
      Queen Mary notes
   Rabe harp
   Rome harp
   Rose Mooney harp
   Sirr harp
   Sondershausen harp
   Thumbnail chart of all Gaelic harps
   Trinity College harp
      Trinity badge
      Trinity damage
      Trinity dating
      Trinity decoration
        Trinity box decoration
        Trinity neck decoration
        Trinity pillar decoration
   Tuning keys
   V&A harp
   Wartburg harp
   Welsh harps

Hill House: 17th century house near Dunfermline, with harp carving on.

History: Short overview articles on the history of the Gaelic harp.
   Early medieval
   16th century
   17th century
   18th century
   19th century
   early 20th century
   late 20th century

Instruments: About Gaelic harps.

Iona: About the harp graveslab at Iona Abbey.

Irish Terms: multimedia edition of Irish harp terminology and playing techniques from Edward Bunting, The Ancient Music of Ireland, 1840.
   Cinnard Cruit
   Cru na d-tead
   An foirshnadhm
   Guaille caomhluidhe
   An dara tead os cionn caomluidhe
   An treas tead oc cionn caomhluidhe
   Tead na feitheolach
   Guaille tead na feitheolach
   Tead a' leithghleas
   Dofhreagrach caomhluidhe
   Freagrach tead na feitheolach
   Tead leagaidh
   Tead leagtha
   Cronan ioctar-chanus
   Leagadh anuas
   Leith leagadh
   Sruth mor
   Sruth beag
   Bualadh suas no suaserigh
   Barrluth beal an-airde
   Barrluth fosgailte
   Tribhuilleach no creathadh coimhmhear
   Crotach aon mear
   Ladhar lair
   Ceann an chruibh
   Malairt phonch
   Adban trireach
   Geantraighe, Goltraighe, Suantraighe
   Fuigheall mor, Fuigheall beag, Aon-fuigheall
   Old video demonstrations
   Linking instructions
   manuscript sources

Jerpoint: About the harper effigy at Jerpoint Abbey.

Keills: About the stone carving at Keills Chapel.

Kilchoan: About the stone carving at Kilchoan burying ground.

Old Gaelic Laments: Simon Chadwick’s 2nd CD
   technical information
   sample track
   ordering information
   track listing
   press quotes

Lay: About Fenian Lay tunes.

Lessons: Companion pages for my tutor book, "Clarsach Lessons for Young Harpers".
   Burns March
   Fair Molly


Memoirs: Facsimile edition of the Memoirs of Arthur O’Neill.

Shrine of St Mogue: About the harp depiction on the Breac Maedog.

Music: About different types of Gaelic harp music.
   Irish music
   Scottish music
   Medieval music

Nails: sources describing the use of long fingernails to play the harp.

O'ffogarty: Information about the O'Fogarty harp.
   picture credits
   technical info about the harp

Orientation: Information about which side the harp was played on, left or right.

Patrick Byrne: Information about this 19th century Irish harper.
   About his harp
   About his life
   further reading
   portraits of Byrne
   About his songs
   About his tunes

Patrick Quin: Information about this 18th century Irish harper.
   About his harp
   About his life
   further reading
   portraits of Byrne
   About his songs
   About his tunes

Shrine of St Patrick’s Tooth: About the harp depiction on this reliquary.

People: those involved in the Gaelic harp scene.

Phonograph: About the lack of archive recordings of early Irish harpers.

Port: Information about this genre of instrumental music.

Publications: list of the books and CDs published in-house by Early Gaelic Harp Info.

Queen Mary harp: Information about the replica Queen Mary harp displayed as this website's logo.

Raghnall Mac Ailein Òig: information about Ronald MacDonald of Morar.
   a’ Bhòilich
   A’ Ghlas Mheur
   An Tarbh Breac Dearg
   Beinn Eadarrainn
   Cumha Raonuill Mhic Ailein Òig
   Brief biography
   Maol Donn
   Places & houses

Recordings: Chronological list of CDs and records featuring Gaelic harp.
   2000 on
   appendix of other recordings related to the Gaelic harp revival
   pre 1969

Replicas: modern copies of the historical museum instruments.
   Some thoughts on copying the old instruments

Rory Dall: Information about the two different 17th century harpers called Rory Dall.
   About their harps
   About their lives
   further reading
   About their songs
   About their tunes

Rose Mooney: Information about this 18th century Irish harper.
   About her harp
   About her life
   further reading
   About her songs
   About her tunes

Song: Information about Gaelic song.

Sources: Old books and manuscripts containing the Gaelic harp repertory.
   Balcarres lute book
   John Bowie's Strathspey Reels
   Edward Bunting's manuscripts
   Carolan Fragment
   Daniel Dow's Ancient Scots music
   Simon Fraser's Airs and Melodies
   Lee's Collection
   Background info on the lute manuscripts
   Lyra-viol manuscripts
   Patrick MacDonald's Highland Vocal Airs
   Walter MacFarlane and David Young's manuscript
   MacLean-Clephane manuscripts
   Neal's Collection
   Padraig O'Neill's manuscripts
   Oswald's Caledonian Pocket Companion
   Margaret Sinkler's viol book
   Skene mandore manuscript
   Straloch lute book
   Burk Thumoth's English, Scottish and Irish airs
   Margaret Wemyss' lute book

Stowe: About the harp depiction on this book shrine.

Stringing: Articles and information on stringing history and practice.

Tarbh: Simon Chadwick’s 3rd CD
   technical information
   sample track
   ordering information
   track listing
   press quotes

Techniques: information about Gaelic harp playing idiom and techniques.

Tradition: Articles and information about different traditions.
   ancient and primal
   Connections with the European mainstream
   The old Gaelic arts
   present-day harp traditions in Ireland and Scotland
   Myths and legends
   oral transmission of tradition
   other music traditions
   modern revival
   Na Comhluighe - the unison 'sister' strings
   reconstructing lost oral traditions
   Gaelic, European, Lost.
   writing down of oral traditions

Tunes: some pages about tunes from the repertory
   Burns March
   The Royal Lament
   Cuachag nan Craobh
   Rory Dall’s Sister’s Lament
   Da Mihi Manum
   A Highland Port by Rory Dall
   Port Atholl
   Port Gordon

Tuning: some pages about tuning, temperament and intonation

Tutor: Companion pages for my tutor book, "Progressive Lessons".
   Burns March
   The Butterfly
   Purchasing information
   Fair Molly
   Hand position
   Choosing an instrument
   Oral learning