Denis O'Hampsey

People are more important than wood and wire! The tradition-bearers who learned, performed and taught the old Gaelic harp traditions are fascinating individuals. These pages gather information about their lives and music.

I have made mini-sites for the most important of the old harpers. Click on a name to find out about their lives, songs, tunes, harps and more:

Patrick Byrne with Egan wire harp

Ruaidhri Dall Ó Catháin (late 16th C - c.1650)
Roderick Morison (c.1656 - c.1714)
Raghnall Mac Ailein Òig (1662 - c.1712)
Turlough Carolan (1670 - 1738)
Denis O'Hampsey (1695 - 1807)
Arthur Ó Néill (1737 - 1816)
Rose Mooney (1740 - c.1798/1800)
Patrick Quin (c. 1745 - post 1809)
Dominick O’Donnell (fl. c.1790s-1811)
Patrick Byrne (1794 - 1863)
Matthew Wall (c.1810-1876)

For all the other old harpers, no less important, who have not yet got their own mini-sites, click on the big list of old harpers.