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Sruth beag

from Edward Bunting, The Ancient Music of Ireland (Dublin 1840), Page 24: Graces performed by the treble or left hand.

Irish sruth beag spoken by Gráinne Yeats
Scottish Gaelic sruth beag spoken by Tony Dilworth

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“By thumb, first, second, and third fingers of the left hand.”

Simon Chadwick 2008

It is notable that the footnote for sruth beag indicates which fingers on the left hand should be used to sound the four notes, but do not mention which fingers are used for stopping, if any. The video shows two possible solutions: stopping the first 3 together, and sliding the ring finger up one position to stop the 3rd string. Other possibilities include stopping each string seperately as the figure progresses, or not stopping any strings at all.

Simon Chadwick 2008

Sruth beag - Little stream


Colm Ó Baoill 2002