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from Edward Bunting, The Ancient Music of Ireland (Dublin 1840), Page 27: Double notes, chords, etc. for the right hand.

Irish taobhchrobh spoken by Gráinne Yeats
Scottish Gaelic taobh-chrobh spoken by Tony Dilworth

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“By thumb, second and third fingers; a chord of three notes.”

Simon Chadwick 2008

This figure is the third in a series of four right hand (bass) chords given on page 27. All are arpeggiated downwards and this is pointed out in the text. Each is given in two alternative positions on the harp but using the same intervals and fingerings.

Simon Chadwick 2008

Taobhcrobh - Side hand

The parallel evidence of Lánchrobh may allow us to take this word as a compound, with taobh, 'a side', leniting the c- of the second element to ch-: taobhchrobh, 'side hand'. Alternatively it might be held that we have two words here, taobh croibh, 'side of hand'.

Colm Ó Baoill 2002