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from Edward Bunting, Ancient Music of Ireland (Dublin 1840)

Irish cruachleasach spoken by Gráinne Yeats
Scottish Gaelic cruaidh-chleasach spoken by Tony Dilworth

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Cruaidhchleasach - Bold, heroic

Apparently a compound adjective which would nowadays be written cruachleasach, made up of cruaidh (crua), 'hard', and cleas, 'a trick', 'a feat', with the adjectival ending -ach. However, it is possible that the form is an error for cruaidhchleasadh, a noun which appears on p.19 as Cruaidhchlesadh, 'heroic time', equated with Andante. A similar confusion of -ach and -adh occurs in Dofhreagrach caomhluidhe and Freagrach tead na feitheolach.

Colm Ó Baoill 2002