Do you run a website with Gaelic harp or related content? Would you like to link to this glossary?

If you want to point people to the Irish Terms glossary front page, just use this html code:

<a href="" target="_blank">Bunting's Irish Terms glossary at</a>

The result is this: Bunting's Irish Terms glossary at

However you can also embed links to the individual entries from words within your pages. To do this please use the following html code:

<a href="" onclick="'', '', 'width=515, height=590, resizable, scrollbars'); return false;">Clairseach</a>

The result is this: Clairseach

Replace all three parts in bold with the number and name of the term in question (e.g. 02 Cinnard Cruit, 03 Crom-chuit etc.)

If you have any questions please email simon.