Written tradition

notes and references

1. The Memoirs of Arthur O'Neill (1734 - 1816), dictated to Thomas Hughes at the request of Edward Bunting, between 1808 and 1813. Edited by Donal O'Sullivan, and published in his book Carolan, the Life, Times and Music of an Irish Harper Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 1958. This extract is on vol. 2, page 156.

2. Mss in the National Library of Scotland. For a facsimile of a page with harp measurements, and a discussion of the manuscripst contents and the life of McMurchy, see Keith Sanger and Alison Kinnaird, Tree of Strings, Kinmor 1992, p. 164-168.

3. London British Library, Add. MS 14905. Online facsimile. For an introduction see Sally Harper, Instrumental Music in Medieval Wales, North American Journal of Welsh Studies, Vol. 4, 1 (Winter 2004) (read it online). Modern performers applying Robert ap Huw's techniques or repertory to early Irish harp include Ann Heymann, Bill Taylor and Paul Dooley.

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Edward Bunting, A General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland Clementi & Compy, London, 1809
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See the
Sources page on Bunting for more info.

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See the
Sources page on Neal for more info.

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See the
Sources page on Dow for more info.

7. Especially MS29, held at Queens University Belfast Special Collections. See the Sources page on Bunting for more info.

8. e.g. Skene manuscript (National Library of Scotland ms adv.5.2.15), c.1615-1625
Straloch manuscript (lost), 1627-9
Wemyss manuscript (National Library of Scotland ms.2085 or Dep.314, No.23), 1643-4
Crawford of Balcarres manuscript (National Library of Scotland Acc.9769/Personal papers 84/1/6), 1692-4

9. See for example "Port Priest" from Gordon's 1847 copy of the Straloch ms. (NLS ms adv.5.2.18)



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