The Trinity College harp

Trinity College harp

Trinity College harp
3D anaglyph image
red/cyan goggles required

Trinity College harp badge

Age unknown; guesses tend to center around the 15th Century

Also known as Brian Boru harp or O’Neill Harp

On display in the Long Room of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

"Small Low Headed" design;
29 or 30 strings, longest approx. 62cm.

The Brian Boru harp is the national symbol of Ireland, pictured on Ireland’s coinage and many national badges and symbols. It has been displayed in Trinity College for over 200 years. It is one of the oldest surviving Gaelic harps and it is covered in fine and intricate carved and coloured decoration.

New: my booklet, The Trinity College or Brian Boru harp reprints the text and illustrations from these pages in a handy little book form.

Simon Chadwick