The Cloyne harp

Cloyne harp

Made in 1621 by Donnchadh Fitz Teigh, for Sir John Fitzedmond Fitzgerald of Cloyne

Cloyne cast
Resin cast of the Cloyne fragments restored, at Ballymaloe House, Cloyne, Co. Cork

Also known as Dalway harp or Fitzgerald Harp

Owned by the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, in storage (not on display). A modern reconstruction by Bob Evans and Guy Flockhart is also in Collins Barracks.

"Large Low Headed" design;
45 + 7 strings. Longest (on reconstruction by Bob Evans and Guy Flockhart) 99cm

Only the neck and part of the pillar survives of this harp.


Simon Chadwick