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from Edward Bunting, The Ancient Music of Ireland (Dublin 1840), Page 26: Double notes, chords, etc. for the left hand.

Irish boilsceann spoken by Gráinne Yeats
Scottish Gaelic buillsgean spoken by Tony Dilworth

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“By first and second fingers, a third.”

Simon Chadwick 2008

This left hand (treble) figure is slightly ambiguous; no stopping indications are given. One possibility is to understand it as a two-part figure, with two instances of it given in the example. Then the two fingers used can slide to the notes above to silence them.

Ladhar lair is the same figure for the right (bass) hand.

Simon Chadwick 2008

Bolsgan ('in English characters' Bulsgan) - Swelling out

These probably respresent mis-spellings, rather than authentic dialect variants, of (Ó Dónaill) boilsceann, 'bulging part of something; middle' (variants boilscean, boilsceán, builsceann). The only indication of what the word means occurs on p.31, where we are told that Boilsgean means 'Swelling out' and Builsgean 'A third in music'.

Colm Ó Baoill 2002