This list is not complete; it is a personal selection of the kind of music I am interested in, i.e. old Irish and Scottish music played in historical style on the ancient type of clarsach or Irish harp, with metal wire strings. If you think I have missed out anyone important please do let me know.

Let Erin Remember

Let Erin Remember
Clairseach Records 1979
Ann Heymann's first record, this LP features her Otway harp replica alongside her multi-instrumentalist husband Charlie. This is I believe the first commercially released record to feature early Gaelic harp played with left orientation. Re-released on CD, 2012.
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Avenging and Bright

Charles Guard
Avenging and Bright
Claddagh Records cc26, 1978
Manx harper Charles Guard plays Scottish, Irish, and Manx traditional music on gut-strung lever harp and a wire-strung Gaelic harp based on the Sirr harp. There is occasional fiddle and whistle accompaniament. Re-released 1991.

Carolan's Receipt

Derek Bell (1935-2002)
Carolan's receipt: The music of Carolan, Vol. 1
Claddagh Records CC18, 1975
I think this was the first collection of Carolan's music, and certainly the first on the original instrument (early Irish harp, with brass strings). This LP also featured Derek on gut-strung lever harp and hammered dulcimer, and other members of The Chieftains as well. Re-released on CD 1999 and still available. Of course Derek recorded numerous other records both solo and with the Chieftains.

Renaissance of the Celtic harp

Alan Stivell
Renaissance de la Harpe Celtique
Fontana 6325 302 (Fr) / Philips 6414 406 (UK) / Polydor 2424 069 (Ca), 1971
"Renaissance of the Celtic harp" was not Alan's first record, nor his last (he is still recording and performing), but it had some kind of special status, and it seems to have signalled the start of the modern Celtic harp movement; it is still easily available today on CD. Alan Stivell plays a harp with bronze strings; his technique and idiom is a personal fusion of classical and traditional to create a new Breton harp tradition. The selection includes traditional Breton, Irish and Scottish tunes

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