Rory Dall

Ruaidhrí Dall Ó Catháin

The best biography of the Irish Rory Dall is by Colm O Baoill. The essay details all that is known about his life, as well as listing titles and sources for all the tunes attributed to him. First published in 1970 (as part of ‘Some Irish Harpers in Scotland’ Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness 47, 1970-72), it was revised in 2007 and occupies half a chapter (10 pages) in a weighty academic book about 17th century Scottish music, Defining Strains edited by James Porter.
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Ruaidhri Dall Mac Mhuirich

For the Scottish Rory Dall’s life and music, the authoritative work is William Matheson’s book The Blind Harper - the songs of Roderick Morison and his music, Scottish Gaelic Texts Society, 1970. This book includes all of his poems and songs in Gaelic and also English translation, a full biography, as well as copious background information on the sources and traditions.
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