The Cloyne harp

Only the neck and part of the pillar survives of this harp.

The harp was apparently in this state over 200 years ago when Edward Bunting described it in his 1809 book.

The neck is in good condition, except for some long cracks that have opened up towards the bass end.

The pillar however is very worm-eaten. The sides have been re-built with putty or filler. The ends are all nibbled away, to the extent that it can be unclear how much we are missing. However, enough of the bearing surfaces are visible at each end that we can be confident that the pillar survives to its original length.

Bunting's 1809 engraving shows an extra panel at the top of the pillar on the outside edge. It's not clear if this has been lost since 1809, or if this is a fanciful reconstruction by Bunting's artist. Either way, the neck mortice is somewhat longer than the pillar top would be if it were restored straight.


Simon Chadwick