Matthew Wall (c.1810-1876)

The 1830 news report of the Harp Society’s decision on him going to Canada, says “a Harp be given to MAT WALL, with additional Wire for Strings”1 This would most likely have been one of the big Egan “Society” harps, with brass wire strings. Wall most likely used the traditional left orientation, playing left hand in the treble and right hand in the bass; but he probably did not use the traditional tuning with na comhluighe unison strings on his harp.

Society harp in the National Museum of Ireland
Egan harp made in about 1821. Matthew Wall’s harp would have been the same as this one, though the current whereabouts of his is unknown. Perhaps it survives in a private collection in the USA?


1. Belfast News-Letter, Tuesday, June 22, 1830, cited by Keith Sanger online at Old News Clippings. ^