Matthew Wall (c.1810-1876)

Matthew Wall issued an advertisement in Philadelphia in 18351. This includes “the titles of some of the principal tunes which he plays”.

Title in Wall’s catalogue source / composer / publisher. Comments
*Erin Go Bragh
Bard’s Legacy
*Fly not yet; ’tis just the hour Moore (melody- Planxty Kelly)
The Harp that once— Moore
*Patrick’s Day Bunting (set by Quin)
*Paddy Whack When History’s Muse in Washington list (Moore song title)
*Garry Owen
Robin Adair Scottish
Lango Lee
Love’s Young Dream
Eveline’s Bower
Yankee Doodle
My Love is but a Lassie yet
Sprig of Shillelagh
*My lodging is on the cold ground
A Rose Tree in full bearing
The Campbells are coming Scottish
Bonny Doon Scottish
*Auld Lang Syne Scottish
Tyrolese Air
The Meeting of the Waters Moore (melody- ceann dubh dilis
The White Cockade Scottish
There is nae Luck aboot the Hoose Scottish?
Peas upon a Trencher
*Scots, wha hae Scottish
The Garland of Love
The Moon was beaming silver bright
*The Minstrel Boy Moore (melody - The Moreen)
*Blame not the Bard Moore (melody - Kitty Tyrrel)
Planxty Plunkett Carolan
Planxty Reilly Carolan
Planxty Connor Carolan
Paddy O’Carroll
Life let us cherish
As slow our Ship—
*The Valley lay smiling before me Moore (air, the pretty girl milking her cow) Colleen das cruthen abo in Washington list
4th Dragoon’s March
Cossack March
*Marquis of Huntly Scottish Marquis of Huntley’s favrite Strathspey in Washington list
The Coolun Irish
*Bonaparte’s Waltz
Bohemian Waltz
Cobourg Waltz
Rakes of Mallow Irish
The Soldier mounts his gallant Steed
The Rising of the Sun Irish?
*Come to me when Daylight sets Come to me when daylight’s gone in Washinton list
Peggy Bawn
Buff’s March
The Swiss Boy
Rising of the Lark
*The Chase La Chase in Washington list
Miss Lambert’s Waltz
Cinderella Waltz
Miss Forbes’s Farewell
Fairy Dance Scottish (Gow)
The Song of Sorrow
Kate of Coleraine
Lady Sterrit’s Waltz
Peter Street Dance
Miss M’Cloud Scottish?
Speed the Plough
*Carolan’s Receipt Carolan
An Irishman’s Heart for the Ladies
The Soldier’s Return
Over the Moor amang the Heather Scottish
Bonny Jean Scottish
Highland Laddie Scottish
Royal Charlie Scottish
Last Rose of Summer Moore (tune - Groves of Blarney)
The Wanderer
Buy a Broom
Brunswick Waltz
Planxty Judge Carolan
Burns’s Farewell
Farewell, whenever you welcome Moore (air - Moll Roone)
Adeste Fideles

Tunes marked above with * also appear in a list of tunes performed at a concert in Washington, I think in 18342. Below are other tunes from the Washington list which are not in Wall ’s Philadelphia catalogue:

Title in Washington concert list source / composer / publisher. Comments
Hail to the Chief American
Belgian Waltz
Grand March


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