Patrick Quin (c. 1745 - early 19th century)

Patrick Quin

There is an engraved portrait of Quin. It is titled “Patrick Quin Harper to the Irish harp Society”, and attributed “Miss Trotter Pinxt” and “Brocas Sculpt”, i.e. engraved by Brocas, copying a painting by Miss Trotter. Brocas was a well-known engraver who also did portraits of Denis O'Hampsey. It seems to me that Quin's face is well-drawn but the harp and landscape are more generic.

There is a very sweet watercolour portrait which looks to be of the same man, in the Ulster Museum in Belfast1. It shows him sitting quite low, with his right leg stretched out in front of him; he is holding the Otway harp. His clothes and hairstyle show he is quite a stylish and well-dressed man in my opinion.

You can view the watercolour online at the National Museum Northern Ireland picture gallery. I used to assume that this watercolour was the original of the engraved portrait, but now I am not so sure. Watch this space for more research coming out soon...


1. Brian Audley, ‘A newly discovered portrait of Patrick Quin, the harper, c. 1745 - 1812’ in Treoir (Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann), Vol 26 No. 4, 1994 ^